February 29, 2024

About Us

Are you ready for one place to get information about…everything? With no censors? With no “independent” fact-checkers? With no blacklisting, shadow-banning or IP blocking? Then we cordially invite you to join us at PatriotGossip.com. This is going to be your one-stop-shop for information about the events of the day, from the point of view of your fellow patriotic, liberty-loving Americans.

The site will be broken out into four separate groups: • Mainstream Gossip • Independent Gossip • Podcasts • 2nd Amendment Gossip Each segment will have its own feel, vibe and type of information. We created them all so you’d have a home wherever you feel comfortable. You’ll be able to hear people’s takes and theories, as well as share your own, all with the availability of breaking news at your fingertips. In our experience, the truth usually lies somewhere between what you get from the MSM and the underground – so it’s up to you to decide.

No worries about big tech on our platform – like the line from Lord of the Rings…”you have no power here, Zuckerberg.” Unlike Google and Facebook, we don’t presume to have a monopoly on the truth. We’re simply a conduit for information. So this is a site built for you, fellow patriot. You need to be heard. There are tens of millions of us who need to be heard. And we don’t need permission from Silicon Valley to speak our minds. We’re going to simply create our own forum, and it’s called “Patriot Gossip”. Click here to sign up, and tell your friends.

Together, we’ll have the freedom to speak our minds and stay up on current events. Together, they can never silence us again.