February 22, 2024

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dr. Drew Pinsky about how Dr. Fauci lost his trust, how the CDC created vaccine hesitancy, the truth about mask efficacy, and how woke culture is creating a climate where doctors are afraid of being cancelled for stating scientific facts. First, Dr. Drew discusses how the CDC ignored everything it had learned from the HIV epidemic and lost the trust of the public. He explains why Fauci’s denial of gain of function research funding caused him to no longer trust him despite looking up to him for decades. Dr. Drew discusses how people don’t know who to trust for public health advice and why it was such a disgrace that the decisions that Joe Rogan made with his doctor resulted in such an outcry. He also explains why the French vaccine mandate is much more rational than the type we are trying to apply here in the United States.

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